Edge of Eternity has recently received praise from us at The Vita Lounge for having a Vita edition not be a stretch goal like many of it’s peers, but designed for from the very start. Today Midgar Studios released concept art that gives fans a taste of what to expect should the game reach its goal.

The first image of the pair shows an action scene which accord to the report :

“Is a drawing about a concept boss battle in the game, the battle take place in a consortium magical airship attacked by a flight of meca-dragon.”


Additionally the second image hints at some of the mysteriously macro aspects of the Edge of Eternity universe.

” The second piece of art is about the space, many people have questions about the space part of Edge Of Eternity but we can’t tell many things about it since it’s late game and we don’t want to spoil !

This artwork is showing a vessel-planet named “The Ark” very far from Heryon but our heroes will have to go there for some mysterious reasons.”

What are your opinions on the games concept art? Let us know in the comments.