Project Root is a new Shoot ’em up (SHMUP) game that is being developed for PC and PS Vita by  Argentinian developer OPQAM.  The game looks to be heavily influenced by classic shooters of the past with a visual style that is reminiscent of the popular Electronic Arts Strike series of games. Style isn’t the only old-school aspect of Project Root as OPQAM are toting the game to be a return to the difficulty found in many games of that era.

Project Root is a shoot’em up, where the player’s abilities are the determining factor. Project Root is a game, for players that like a challenge, players will put their reflexes, maneuver and strategic capabilities to the test.

In Project Root players will be able to traverse 8 open levels where they are given the freedom to complete multi-tiered objectives. Utilizing a “free camera sytem” players will have complete control over their craft and be able choose for themselves how they approach missions.

OPQAM are also making sure players have a rather extensive arsenal to play with. Two main weapons make up the bread and butter of the weapons, allowing players to strike ground and aerial targets. Additionally several “powerful but limited” secondary bonus weapons will be available including homing missiles and rockets. It’s not all offense though as players will also come across various defensive bonuses such as shields and flares. All weapons in the game are able to be upgraded through power-ups that can be found either on missions or purchased with experience points.

Being an old-school game doesn’t mean that Project Root is devoid of plot, in fact the game actually has a rather interesting dystopian mythos. The story of the game sets up a world in which an evil corporation has been trusted with much of the worlds energy resources. Having fooled much of the worlds population with their public displays of honor the Prometheus Corporation, led by the companies charismatic President Demetrio Watts,  begins to scheme a plan that once enacted could mean the end of the world.

A group of rebels are the only ones who know Demetrio and his company’s true intentions, and will do everything it takes to bring the truth to light about the person who pretends to be their eternal benefactor. It will not be easy or agreeable, but the danger behind what Prometheus hides within is a threat to all. Stopping Demetrio Watts is in the hands of a group of unknowns. Depends on Arcturus. Enemy ship 2 Enemy ship 1

OPQAM have just begun their Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns for Project Root which is slated for release in the First Quarter of 2014 on PC and in the Second Quarter of 2014 on PlayStation Vita.