It has been said ad nauesum since the PlayStation Vita had launched that the one thing that the device needed was that “it needs more cowbell”. Well fret not lovers of the cloche de vache as developers Digital Hero Games are looking to bring iOS hit Cowbell Hero to PlayStation Vita via a Kickstarter campaign. As we’ve said here many times at The Vita Lounge many campaigns offer a Vita version as a Stretch Goal but Cowbell Hero has set its aim directly on PlayStation’s portable device.


It is a unique rhythm game that lets you play Cowbell along with licensed music like “Down on the Corner”, “Hair of the Dog”, and most importantly “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper”.

The game features 11 classic rock songs from the 70’s as well as 15 original ones like the epic “More Cowbell” written specifically for this game.

We also wanted a game that tells a story. So Cowbell Hero features over 30 minutes of video cut scenes telling the story of one man’s journey from a small town to a rock legend.”

Cowbell Hero needs to raise is $12,000 by October 6, and at the time of this article the campaign is sitting at $1,654 pledged so far. If you want to help bring more Cowbell to PS Vita be sure to donate to the cause at their Official Kickstarter page.

Here is a trailer that shows off the musical artistry found in Cowbell Hero’s gameplay:

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  • Buckybuckster

    While being a clever merging of Guitar Hero and one of the funniest Saturday Night Live skits ever, I will have to ignore my thirst for “more cowbell” and take a pass on this one.

    Wish them success with the KS ‘tho!