Namco Bandai have taken the wishes of their fans to heart – and have altered the game pre-release.

After it dropped in Japan, over 20,000 players of pre-release God Eater 2 demo were polled about their experience, with some of their suggestions and issues getting “fixes” pre-release. The most notable of the listed changes is the addition of three levels of difficulty; “Coffee Break”, “Slowly Chilled Water” and “Thunderous Icy Waterfall” – which users thought would add depth and replayability to the game.

Players can check out the changes to the game by going to special in-store promotional areas across Japan. These areas feature a demonstration of the three different levels of difficulty as well as the TGS gameplay demo; for a full list of locations and times for this promotion, please refer to this 4Gamer list.

The Japanese release date for God Eater 2 on PSVita is November 14th.



  • XtemmA2

    Nice. I can choose “coffee break” on a sofa and “Thunderous Icy Waterfall” in bed.