Developers Midgar Studio are at it again. As a thank you to fans for pledging over $20,000 the Edge of Eternity’s Kickstarter page has received an update which gives fans an early look at the character design in the upcoming RPG. Only 2 days after the last update which featured concept art which had clues of the games design, the newest update comes baring 2 HD character models and a sneak preview of a track from he games soundtrack.


“Today we’ll answer a question that many people have, how can look Edge Of Eternity with HD stretch goal, we created a 3D HD NPC (untextured) and a 3D HD consortium soldier (untextured) to show you what we will do with the HD version stretch goal (warning, these models are not finished)” 

This is the quality you can expect on next gen consoles and PC.” 


Even in this raw and unfinished form we have to admit that the models look great and even if some of the detail is lost in the Vita version it is an early glimpse as to what fans can expect to see when they Edge of Eternity is complete.

The track made public is titled Crystal Forest and  is described only as being “designed for a very special place in the game.” and any details beyond that are still unclear.

It looks like Midgar Studios are intent on keeping fans in the loop in regards to the development of Edge of Eternity, and you can be sure that The Vita Lounge will have all the info as the campaign moves forward.



  • Mauricio Quintero

    OH my fucking God look at these details!