I’m foaming at the mouth a little over the news, so excuse me if I drool on this article. Ha.

Being a die-hard SAO fan, I’ve been craving a PlayStation title from them since I first watched the anime – the whole series mapping out a very interesting universe with lots of possibilities. The PSP game was a good step forward, but even more of those possibilities will soon come to fruition on Vita; Namco Bandai announced Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment earlier today and it’ll be a PlayStation Vita exclusive.


The game will see Kirito (the series’ protagonist) meeting a mysterious girl as he adventures through a region of Aincrad called the “Hollow Area”.

Check out the trailer which shows a bit of game-play;

There’s no release date outside the 2014 window for Japan, so we’ll have to wait and see if this one gets localization. Either way, I’ll be picking this one up via import – too good of a concept to wait for.



  • WhyWai

    Awesome! Vita is definitely picking up great games in Japan.

  • fatdog21

    Thats great n all but namco is not goin to bring it here to the states….

  • Mauricio Quintero

    It is soo hard to make good graphics for the Vita?