After countless rumors and leaks Sony have officially announced that Injustice: Gods Among Us is indeed coming to PlayStation Vita in the form of an Ultimate Edition. As previously suggested Injustice’s Ultimate Edition will include all of the DLC that has been released for the DC fighting game including fan favorite characters like Martian Manhunter and General Zod. Another interesting point to mention is that the port has been handled by Armature Studio, the team that are behind the tantalizing Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.


In the release Jack Matthews, the Technical Director and Co-Founder of Armature Studio, commented on the delay of Injustice’s long awaited Vita appearance:

When developing Injustice on Vita, our primary goal was to make sure it could hold its own next to its console counterpart.

The PS3 version has beautiful lighting, destructible environments, and – most importantly – 60 FPS fighting. We worked tirelessly to bring this experience to the handheld, and pulled out all the stops to push the PS Vita as hard as we could to make all of the above happen.


Matthews then goes into some of the additional features that will be exclusive to Injustice on the PlayStation Vita:

“In addition to all of this, we’ve included ad-hoc multiplayer, traditional multiplayer over wi-fi, and touch controls to Story Mode and various S.T.A.R. Labs Missions.

Also, since this is the Ultimate Edition, the game will include all downloadable content that was released for the console edition.”


After months of speculation The Vita Lounge are proud to say that Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition will be available on PlayStation Vita November 12th in North America, or November 29th in Europe.


  • Buckybuckster

    Nice to see another big title coming to the Vita. Will add to an already title rich fall/winter. Some will still complain no doubt. As they say “haters gonna hate”. But this announcement along with others should go along way to silencing the Vita has no game pundits.

    • Lester Paredes

      Nah. They’ll just switch to ‘Vita only has ports’ arguments.

  • Lester Paredes

    Alright! I’m excited for this. I wish they’d release some Vita screenshots, though. Unless those were some. Can’t wait to play! Too bad I can’t reserve it yet, though.

  • HellRaiser

    Finally! :’)

  • Safeer Humayoon

    Release date is wrong,its november 12th!

    • Release date was taken from the EU blog post, where our release date is the 29th. In NA it’s 12th.

      • Safeer Humayoon

        oh okay.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      November 12th is the North American date – the 29th is for Europe.