It is no secret that the Killzone Franchise was designed for FPS loving Western gamers, but what if Sony could find a way to have the series appeal to the peoples of its homeland? Turn it into a manga of course!

Kamome Mukojima, who is perhaps best known for his work on Grave digger, was commissioned to do just that when earlier this year when Killzone Mercenary appeared in manga form in the immensely popular Manga Magazine Shonen Ace.

The one off piece centers around two characters name Ross and Huey who are the sole survivors of a Platoon of  ISA soldiers who became mercenaries.

Here is a summary of the Mangas plot by Comics Crux:

“The one-shot will feature a completely original story and characters, and takes place on the planet Vekta during a war between the ISA and Helghast. When an ISA mercenary and his partner meet the sole survivor of an ISA platoon that was wiped out by the Helghast, they decide to carry out the fallen platoon’s mission of protecting a target themselves in order to get a reward.”

Sony has made the  Killzone Mercenary manga available free here, but we must warn you the publication is not in english and we wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for a translation. Still if you are a fan of the Killzone franchise there a lot to feast your eyes on.


  • Lester Paredes

    Interesting. I’d look, but I like to be able to read as well as admire the pretty pictures. Oh, who am i kidding? Pictures it is!