Destiny of Spirits has quickly become quite the hot topic recently what with the worldwide beta announcement and character teases, but for all the hints the details as to the games’ design have been hazy at best. Sony and SCEA addressed the hunger of the fans for more information by detailing much of the core game mechanics.

“Today, I’d like to talk about summoning, merging and renting supporter spirits as well as items that can be used to help maximize your game progress.” said SCEA Producer Kumi Yuasa.


He then went on to describe some integral items that must be collected in order to enact any of the games magical functions.

“This world contains three types of magical substances to earn and collect: Spirit Points, Summoning Stones, and Destiny Orbs.

Spirit Points are mainly used to merge and rent Spirits from other Spirit Masters around the world.

Summoning Stones are mainly used to summon Spirits to add to your collection.

Destiny Orbs are the most powerful magical substance in this world, and they aren’t easy to come by. You can obtain powerful Spirits by using Destiny Orbs for Advanced Summoning and Limited-Time Summoning opportunities. They can also be used to restore the HP of your Spirits, bring defeated Spirits back into the battle, and control time.”


Now that you know what is needed to perform actions in Destiny of Spirits it is time that Mr. Yuasa walks you through the necessity of utilizing these powers; starting off by explaining the summoning of stronger spirits.

If you feel your Spirit collection doesn’t seem quite strong enough, try summoning a new Spirit! You can summon Spirits using Destiny Orbs and Summoning Stones and gather more allies. Summoned Spirits are added to your Spirit Collection and can be added to your party at any time.”


Spirits are not limited solely to summoning, they can become much stronger through a process described as merging.

You can merge Spirits to increase their experience points and level them up. First, select the Spirit that you want to enhance, then set the enhancer Spirits. You can select up to five enhancer Spirits. Please note that enhancer Spirits are absorbed by the base Spirit and disappear, so please choose enhancer Spirits carefully. After the merge, your Spirit will level up and become stronger. Keep merging Spirits to make them even stronger!

Aside merging and summoning spirits can also be called upon in a supportive role via the renting system which heavily plays into the games’ co-operative design.

“A supporter is a Spirit that you borrow from another Spirit Master. By borrowing a supporter, you can bring a powerful Spirit into battle. And if that Spirit belongs to a friend, you can reap the benefits of the Spirit’s support skill.”


Last but not least confirmed details regarding the upcoming Destiny of Spirits beta-test were also revealed, along with the fact that the worldwide beta will be of the closed variety according to Mr.Yuasa.

“We’re excited to announce that there will be a closed beta test for Destiny of Spirits from October 24th until 31st. We’ll be inviting a limited set of players to test and give feedback on the overall game experience in hopes to make Destiny of Spirits the best it can be!”



  • Buckybuckster

    I have to admit that I was so ready to crap all over DoS when the first images of it surfaced. But after learning more about it’s premise, I have to say I’m highly intrigued by it’s concept. I like the fact that different regions of the world will have unique spirts for you to collect. Seems like it will be a pretty fun game to play.