Telltale has released some information about Season 2 in an interview about The Wolf Among Us.

Talking with IGN, Telltale Games’┬áDennis Lenart spilled some beans regarding a release date window. A lot of us have been wondering when season 2 would show up, and here’s your answer;

“It’s coming pretty soon,” Telltale’s Dennis Lenart teased on IGN’s Up At Noon. “We’re hard working on development right now.

“With Telltale, we won’t release until it’s right so there’s always this constant iteration,” he explained. “I mean, even during season one there was talk of season two and where we wanted to take it from there. So it’s a thing we’ve all be super excited about and thinking about for a long time now. It’s actually fun to finally see that being made.”

Nick Herman, who is currently serving as director for The Wolf Among Us added, “I’m pretty sure we’re on track for having it come out sort of in the same zone as The Wolf Among Us. We’ll have two titles sort of cycling, like the Telltale channel.”

So it looks like a possible November release for the first episode, following the release of The Wolf Among Us in late October. If everything goes to plan we’ll be back in the land of the dead in no time; a welcome vacation considering how good the first season was.


  • Brian Sharon

    I hope that Season 2 is brought to Vita much quicker than Season 1.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Seeing as how the first season was being promoted with a bundle, I can’t see them bringing the PSVita version out later this time – it’ll likely be integrated into the initial release.

      • Neiluj

        Do we know if it will be released in several episode or in one game ? (I mean, can we hope a retail version of the game or only downloadable episodes on the PSS ?)

    • franmonkey

      i rembber hearing it was coming alongside the concal and pc vesions

  • Tom

    Hopefully it will not be that laggy experience on PS Vita as it was in the first season!