Having a dirty PlayStation Vita is never a good thing, which is what makes it a perfect fit for the Hitbox Team’s janitorial-platformer Dustforce. Originally released in 2012 on the PC, Dustforce is a tremendously difficult indie game that has players on a mission to not only traverse troublesome levels and traps, but to also clean up as much filth as possible. Thank goodness that these courageous custodians also happen to be extremely agile, able to keep pace with even the most nimble of parkour enthusiasts; and soon they will be taking their talents to consoles!

In preparation for New York Comic Con and the the games’ console adventure, Capcom (who will be publishing Dustforce on PS3 and Vitareleased enough screenshots of the upcoming game to fill a bucket.  Dustforce is scheduled for a January 2014 release so we are sure to hear more as we lead into the games launch.

  • Lester Paredes

    I think I am ready for this.