A reminder to all action fans, Malicious Rebirth will be available later today on PSN via the PlayStation Store for the price of $14.99. In celebration of the release the fine folks at PlayStation have released a brand new Launch Trailer to spike your appetites.


Originally appearing on the PlayStation 3 over a year ago under the title of Malicious, Vita owners can expect frantic action as they take up arms in order to stop a world ending force.

“Malicious Rebirth is a PS Vita action game in which the player inhabits a Spirit Vessel and controls the Mantle of Cinders in order to defeat the Malicious, the bringer of disaster to the world.

While Malicious Rebirth retains the short-burst gameplay and fantasy setting of the original PS3 game, it also boasts a new “Rebirth” chapter with new levels, new bosses and new moves. All the original game modes are also available, complete with the worldwide leaderboard.”



Moreover PlayStation also announced that in select SCEA territories a “Western Costume” would be available for $1.99.”This costume will boost repair ability of the Spirit Vessel and improve sorcerous bullet power and repair speed.” It hasn’t been announced which territories fall under the umbrella yet, but we will have that information for you as it is released.




  • WhyWai

    anyone played the PS3 version? Is it any good?