This past summer it was announced that the award winning and critically acclaimed PC game Proteus would be arriving on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita supporting cross-buy functionality, but all other details were left up to the imagination. Until today that is.  The Creator of Proteus Ed Key broke news this morning via the Official PlayStation Blog which informed fans of geographically-generated islands being introduced into the game.


“With the PS Vita and PS3 version we’ve been adding new ways to engage with – and remix – the world. Previously, all Proteus islands were purely random, but on PS Vita, you can now choose to generate an island based on your current geographical location and on both platforms you can generate an island for the current date.” said Key.

Moreover he hinted how he and Co-Creator David Kanaga were planning on taking advantage of the Vita’s unique hardware inputs saying that “We’ve also added a way for users to interact with the environment using the back touch screen” but not elaborating further than that on the point.

Be sure that when he does you will find it here at TVL.