Official PlayStation French-Language Forum Community Manager @Dark0ss93 just announced via twitter that Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus will be available on November 6 2013 as part of a PlayStation Vita Bundle. The game will be included as a wifi-voucher and additionally the bundle will also include a 4gb memory card.

After the tweet was sent out I personally reached out to @Darkoss93 in regards to the markets in which the bundle would be available, which he confirmed as Europe and North America.

Interestingly enough it was only a week ago Insomniac’s Community Manager James Stevenson was quoted as saying that “We (Insomniac) haven’t announced a Vita version at this time.”.

No news yet on pricing.


Insomiac reached out to me via twitter refuting the leak and stating that neither they, nor Sony have announced the existence of a Vita bundle or version of the game at all.

By no means is this post an official confirmation, it is however interesting to note that the source of the “leak” also leaked the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us on Vita not long ago.


Due to growing concerns we reached out to SCEE for comment regarding the legitmacy source, despite @Darkoss93’s listed position and claim to privileged information. SCEE were kind enough to offer us the following response:

“is a member of the French PlayStation Community on PlayStation Forum who organises online events on PS Vita games. He has no official role and cannot be considered as a representative for our company.

His Twitter activity is totally personal. He has been asked to update his Twitter profile accordingly”

We have since redacted the official status of the source in response to the development.


  • Nice I hope the game is really good this time around

  • Lester Paredes

    Oooohhhh… Lookign forward to it. Even though Full Frontal Assault wasn’t the best, I certainly had fun with it. It was still satisfying to blast aliens into bolts with my guns and level them all up. Though the technical problems with the game kept me too much of a headache to platinum it, I’d say it was fun for the most part. I certainly hope that this lives up to the R&C legacy I’m used to. Also: BRING OUT THE R&C HD COLLECTION ALREADY!

  • WhyWai

    wonder why they don’t just announce it yet with all the rumors flying around.

  • Eric de Brocart

    Darkoss93 is NOT an official CM of playStation.

    • Brian Sharon

      While I appreciate the comment, I will inform you that we’ve reached out to Sony for a confirmation regarding the user and have received no comment either way.

      • Eric de Brocart

        Juste have a look to his twitter ( He is just a “Compagnon Multijoueur” and not a “Community Manager”. In fact, nothing and nobody for PlayStation.

        We know him because we ever have some problems with him (copy and paste our news on playstation blog). Real CM have deleted all copied news.

        If you want to know where he finds his “official private news” about this article : just look here :

        Just for information, I’am the director of (aka MaGiXieN)

        • Brian Sharon

          Thank you Eric, we contacted SCEE and they had him change his profile to reflect his status which formerly listed him as a CM. You can see SCEE’s response in the update.

  • Buckybuckster

    Boy, the rumor mill has really amped up on this game. Really hope it happens. I have been a big fan of the series since it’s early origins on the PS2.

    As for why there hasn’t been an official announcement? Maybe after the reception the Vita version of Full Frontal received after it’s release, great care it being taken to ensure all of the game’s graphical ducks are in a row. I hope so as I really need this game!