Keji Inafune and Capcom have had some rough and rather public spats over the past few years, but it seems to be something the legendary creator is willing to look beyond. Although Mighty No. 9 was recently the beneficiary of a very successful and lucrative Kickstarter campaign,  receiving in pledges more than four times the amount it had listed as it’s goal; Inafune seems open to the idea of Capcom publishing the title despite very little need financially to do so.

Courtesy of Game Informer, the legendary creator had the following to say about a hypothetical partnership with his former employers:

“I would hear their terms. If they had the best terms, I would go with Capcom. There is no reason not to publish with Capcom, and I certainly don’t feel like there’s a reason that I have to publish with Capcom. Literally, it would be a very cut-and-dried business negotiation. If they had the best terms, the logical businessman in me would say, ‘Yes, let’s go with them.’”

While it is clear that Inafune would not pursue a partnership with Capcom, it is quite impressive to see how reasonable he would handle the situation considering his history with the Japanese giants.

Do you think that there is a real possibility of Keji Inafune enlisting Capcom to publish Mighty No. 9 ? Let us know in the comments.


  • Mauricio Quintero

    Hope he does not!

  • Yuuki

    capcom still lives?
    last thing i heard is that they have a very big financial problem