Developers Vanillaware should be applauded for their efforts to revive the classic fantasy based multiplier brawler genre, but the unfortunately for many Dragon’s Crown’s surprising lack of cross-buy and cross platform multiplayer was too high of a barrier to entry.  Thankfully according to recent reports a new patch is incoming that will allow Dragon’s Crown players the ability to battle and loot with one another; whether on PlayStation 3 or on PlayStation Vita.

Here are a few of the details of the patch as described in the report:

  • Improved stability under certain circumstances.
  • Cross-play is now possible for co-op gameplay, matching players with the PS3 and PS vita versions.
  • It’s now possible to set a on/off toggle to protect items so that they’re not accidentally sold or discarded.
  • In the “Game Setting 2″ screen is now possible to toggle NPC joining on and off.
  • The behavior and effects of the skills of each class has been adjusted.
  • Conditions for matching in the Labyrinth of Chaos has been relaxed. Now it’s possible to join regardless of the number of rounds.
  • Other tweaks have been implemented in order to improve the system across the board and comfort of operation. 

The patch goes live today in Japan, but unfortunately there is no word yet on a Western release just yet. Our Dragon’s Crown review is fresh out of the oven, so if this patch has you interested make sure to check it out.


Due to the fan response to the patch,  Atlus tweeted that they will infcact be bringing it to North America!


  • APA

    Excellent! Vanillaware and Atlus have done an amazing job with this game! And it only improves! This is a must-have for PS Vita, and being able to play with those in PS3, only adds to the value! The only thing left is to release this patch on the West.