Don’t fear the Reaper, how could you when he looks so cute? In an exclusive interview with PushSquare British game developer Luc Bernard.who is perhaps previously best known for Mecho Wars; is shuffling his deck and reviving the once dormant PSP title Reaper for Sony’s PlayStation Vita.  Bernard has made a name for himself for his morbidly cute art style and thankfully Reaper is no exception, everything is vibrantly colored yet the tone of the world is both twisted and dark.

The 2-D action game will be built upon a f2p model which will be implemented using a card basted mechanic as the structure. During gameplay players will be able to collect cards that will offer new spells, summon creatures,  new clothing, and the ability to spark game changing events. Bernard seems intent on making sure the F2P system doesn’t sour the experience promising that “90 per cent of the game it will be possible to unlock for free if you’re determined enough”.

Additionally it seems that Bernard completely behind the PlayStation brand being quoted as saying ““I honestly think that the Vita is the best portable gaming machine out there, [and] I would become a Sony first-party developer in a heartbeat if I got the chance”.


Reaper is definitely a game to keep an eye on with its gorgeous visuals, 2D action gameplay and low price of free, so keep it tuned to The Vita Lounge as further details about the game get released



  • Lester Paredes

    Only 90% percent of the game is possible to unlock if I am determined…. I don’t like the sound of that. Why not instead just charge a reasonable amount and let 100% of the game be unlockable if you are determined enough? I’m really starting to hate these Free to Play games: Fun enough to keep you coming back, inconvenient enough to make you wish to spend money. It’s like they went into this thing saying: Wait guys! We can only make this 50% fun, otherwise, people won’t buy items and we won’t make money!

  • HassanJamal

    Give me a native Mecho Wars please.