If you have half a brain you know that PlayStation Plus is the greatest thing since sliced bread. With numerous free titles to add to your virtual catalog along with seemingly endless savings on some of the finest content PlayStation has to offer, the service is basically a steal. As if all that weren’t enough the fine folks over at PlayStation will be offering a $10 PSN Store credit for all those who extend their PS+ membership before October 29 2013.


While I don’t need to remind you that The Vita Lounge is a dedicated PlayStation Vita website, it should be remembered that the upcoming PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus membership for online play, which may offer recently anointed members a incentive to prolong their stay.

Will you take advantage  of the offer? I know I will be.

  • Buckybuckster

    I’m up for renewal in Nov. so I may as well do it now to get the $10. Nice that the subscriptions are bankable.

    Does anyone know if purchasing/renewing a membership through the PSN store also qualifies for the $50 for $10 promotion also? Would be nice!

    • Lester Paredes

      It usually does, but I’ve never seen them run two of these promotions at the same time before. I suggest asking a ‘knowledgeable’ Sony Customer Service Representative. Hopefully, they won’t cause you to rip too much of your hair out.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    I’m pretty sure this is just part of the “Get $10 credit for every $50 spent” promotion. When Sony ran the promotion, a rep confirmed that it included the ps+ year sub.