The brand spanking new PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 was unleashed upon Japan today and it didn’t take long for a proper unboxing video to hit the interwebs. ¬†Youtube user RedSonGamerTV¬†not only claims to offer the “Worlds First” unboxing of PlayStations new device, he also manages to wet a few appetites by comparing it to the original model.

In an eight part series of videos which typically run at fifteen minutes a pop, RedSonGamerTV walks on lookers through a detailed inspection of all of the PCH-2000’s features. Everything from the systems texture, screen, heck even the AR cards are examined in sequence of videos.

Anyone at all interested in the newest iteration of the PS Vita owes it to themselves to take a peak, though we should warn you the string of videos have a run time that totals nearly two hours.







  • JonofPDX

    I know this is a poor quality livestream–but did you see that screen comparison? Makes me want to go out and buy another 1001 just in case my current model breaks. SO washed out by comparison (though in fairness, he was a bit off-angle).