Atlus announces they’ve hit 300,000 shipped copies of Persona 4: The Golden for PlayStation Vita.

Persona 4: The Golden is one of the most praised titles for the PlayStation Vita, even despite the stigma it could have attracted for being an “enhanced port” (a re-release of a PlayStation 2 title with extra content). Here at The Vita Lounge, it’s our #1 title on our top 25 – and the only title with a perfect score.

As if to add credibility to this awesome claim, yesterday Index announced on their website that they’ve reached 300,000 shipped copies. they’ve reached the 300,000 shipped mark according to a statement posted on Index’s website yesterday.

Are you one of those lucky P4G owners? If so, do you still play it?


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  • K1cks

    I purchased it physically and traded it in to buy the digital version when it was on sale. Now to just clear some space on my memory card so that I can play it again 🙂