As promised in a tweet that we reported earlier today, Futurlab took to the Official PlayStation blog today to unveil their newest project a PlayStation Vita exclusive titled Surge Deluxe.

If the name Surge sounds familiar it may be due to the fact that the puzzle game first appeared on the PlayStation Mobile platform. In the unique block-matching puzzler players are asked to not only survive but to multiply their score by combining similarly colored blocks in order to “vent” and clear the games environment.


However what does the inclusion of Deluxe truly mean in the way of improvements?

Here’s how Futurlab  QA & Production Assistant Dave Gabriel describes the additions:

  • New Combiner block!Our research has shown that Multiplier blocks are the most sought after for achieving big scores, but they rarely dropped in the right colour or at the right time. We’ve removed the colour requirement on the Multiplier block now and added a new Combiner block that allows players to create their own Multipliers. If you’re quick and careful enough you can create 5x, 6x, 7x and higher multipliers for use in strategic play!


  • Surge Deluxe is 100% colour blind friendly!I’m colour blind and acutely aware of the frustration that comes from trying to discern and match colours in games like Surge. FuturLab received a whole host of requests for a colour blind-friendly version of the game, and with Surge Deluxe we’ll deliver just that.Now each colour is represented by a shape, and we’ve made sure that you only have to glance at two blocks to know whether they are a match or not. I’ll have to find another excuse for being beaten on the leader boards… 
  • Scoring system reworked for top level play!

    When Surge was created, a score of around 4 million points was the highest FuturLab had achieved internally. When released to the public, the 10 million mark was broken within days.
    The posts on NeoGAF from players competing for the top spot changed from talk about tactics and maximising scores, to discussing the restrictive scoring system. Their feedback was enormously helpful and we’ve used it to improve gameplay. The scoring system in Surge Deluxe has been redesigned to reward better players, increase the score spread, and remove any grinding. So thanks NeoGAF, this one is for you!
  • PSN Trophies and LeaderboardsOf course
  • Even More Community Requested FeaturesPuzzle Mode, Best Clearance Score Leaderboard and Unlockable Backgrounds have also made their way into Surge Deluxe! What can we say, we like making our fans happy J


  • Awesome SoundtrackThose of you familiar with our games will know that we have a three pillar approach to quality; gameplay, visuals and music are all equally important to us, regardless of scale.We’ve had such fun working on the Velocity games with Joris de Man – the award winning composer who made his name on the Killzone series – that we’ve brought him onboard for Surge Deluxe too!So without further ado, let me present ‘Pressure Playa’ by Joris de Man; eight and a half minutes of bleepy, bouncy, bad-ass FuturLectro bliss!

Futurlab are no stranger to upgrading its content and has been extremely successful doing so with its Velocity franchise. Keep an eye locked on TVL as the developer has also teased more information about Surge Deluxe in the days to come via twiter:

Futurlab’s Surge Deluxe is scheduled for a spring 2014 release exclusively on PlayStation Vita.

In case all that info hasn’t helped you come to grips with the futuristic puzzler take a peak at a trailer for the original Surge offering as a PlayStation Mobile title:


  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cool. I generally like these types of puzzle games, though the last one I lost myself in was waaaaaaaaaay back with the original Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords on my PSP.