Polygon got their hands on the game at the New York Comic Con, giving us an idea of what to expect.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is heading to PlayStation Vita this November and a lot of people are wondering; just how good is this port? The answer is pretty clear after hearing from Polygon.

“We played a couple of Injustice matches on PS Vita during New York Comic Con, and the action was just as smooth as you’d hope it would be in a fighting game. A developer from Armature Studio told Polygon that the studio’s goal was to deliver the same visual quality on PS Vita as in the console versions […] including a frame rate of 60 frames per second — and the company was able to make it happen.”

60 frames per second and “as smooth as you’d hope it would be in a fighting game” are some great indicators of a positive experience, but there still appears to be a few small caveats to playing Injustice on Vita;

“The models for characters such as Batman, Bane, Flash and Zod looked fine but not great when seen up close in pre-match cutscenes. […] The Armature developer explained that the team was able to remove minor elements from the console versions, like a barrel or two way in the background, for the PS Vita version because the screen is so much smaller and a player wouldn’t miss those small details.”

Don’t let that get you down though, as they seemed to be pleased with in-game play;

“Yet once a match actually began, we didn’t see any noticeable visual flaws; even the effects-heavy special attacks were represented admirably on the handheld.”

After all I’ve read so far, it sounds like the game is a faithful port with excellent performance – the few caveats from the transfer are vastly outweighed by the positive game play experience. Either way, we’ll know for sure come November 12th.


  • chris nixon


  • Lester Paredes

    My body and my Vita are in a state of readyness. I reserved my copy over the weekend. Bring it!

  • Buckybuckster

    Goona be a pretty nice holiday season for the Vita game wise! I’m extremely hopeful sales of the unit wil explode (or at least improve lol)!

    Now we can only hope the first 2 quarters of ’14 will be as sweet!