Jeff Minter’s remake of Tempest 2000 for Vita gets shown at this year’s Play Expo.

Youtube channel jagware reboot posted footage of TxK being demoed on a PSVita developer unit (played through a monitor).

According to a post Minter wrote on the PSBlog earlier this year,

“The new game – TxK – will draw on the spirit of the classic T2K, extending and enhancing it using the fantastic graphical power of the PS Vita system, resulting in what we hope will be a new modern classic arcade shooter.”

He also promises new terrain, bonus rounds, enemies, weapons and a completely redone soundtrack in the new version.

Check out a pre-release look;


  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    I couldn’t find this anywhere on the day….despite looking round for an hour at all the stands. I guess maybe they only showed it on the Sunday.

  • Geoffrey Oltmans

    Atari Tempest is one of my favorites of all time, so much so that I used to own a full-size arcade machine. It looks fantastic, but, it seems like it might suffer from one thing that bothered me about T2K on the Jaguar… the display gets so busy with the eye candy that it becomes hard to see the game play itself. Also, like T2K the flippers flip way too slowly once they reach the outside of the web.

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