WRC 3 was definitely a warm-up.

With WRC 4 releasing later this month, the folks at VVV have released a new video showing some off screen footage and putting worries to rest.

The video can be seen below, including a run through of cars and menus. Team VVV have also confirmed that this time round all of the console content including the cars, tracks and career will be in place when WRC 4 releases later this month; encouraging news given WRC 3 had the mechanics and gameplay but a lack of some of the console’s cars, tracks and more notably the in depth career mode. WRC 4 releases for consoles and the Vita later this month – excited?

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  • Barry Newton

    Looking forward to this 😀

  • StarTrekGuy1701

    Is it coming out this month in north america as well? i imported wrc3 for vita last year and loved it, really looking forward to this!!!

    • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

      I could be wrong but I think it’s only in Europe at the moment…not sure whether it will be released worldwide yet but if you have an EU PSN account the demo is out on Wednesday.

      • StarTrekGuy1701

        bummer 🙁 but thanks for the reply! guess ill have to import since accessing EU psn account equals formatting vita memory card. beside with that beautiful artwork you HAVE to go with the physical copy!!! 😉

      • Barry Newton

        OMG demo on Wednesday thanks for that info 😀

      • Buckybuckster

        I think 3 did well enough on this side of the pond for Namco to bring 4 over as well. Most likely as a digital only release (same as the NA version of 3). Hope it happens…. looks nice!

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, that looks nice. And a career mode? Excellent. Something with impetus to allow me to dig my teeth into.

  • Losyak

    I miss Xsara…