Nippon Ichi Software have unveiled more information about Disgaea 4 Return with a bundle of new screenshots and art for fans to drool over.

The remake of the PlayStation 3 hit Disgaea 4 will come with a bevy of new additions that look to drastically improve on the 2011 release. Among the new inclusions will be systems found in earlier titles in the franchise such as Disgeaea D2 and Disgaea 3 Return.

Fans of the series will be happy to hear of a new scenario that will involve both Altina as well as a brand-new character who has yet to be revealed. Furthermore a new form of magic will make an appearance in the form of “Peta-Magic“. This sixth-level of magic is sure to add even more depth to the already strategic gameplay that Disgaea is famous for. Moreover it was also announced that all of the additions and DLC made available for the PS3 release will find their way into the game at launch which offers even more content for players to sink their teeth into.

Disgaea 4 Return will be released in Japan on January 20 2013 exclusively for the PlayStation Vita and with a price tag of  ¥5,980 (aprox. $60.55)  at retail and ¥5,000(aprox. 50.63)  digitally. Pre-orders of the game will also include an exclusive audio CD titled “Disgaea Vocal Songs: the Best“, which will include ten of the series very best vocal tracks. There is no word yet regarding a Western release but we at TVL remain hopeful that it will be announced in the near future.

Take a long look at the wonderful screenshots and artwork NIS has provided of Disgaea 4 Return below: