Ubisoft were the messengers of some concerning news yesterday when during a financially oriented conference call they revealed that Rayman Legends sold well below expectations.

“As we have said we have experienced lower sales than we anticipated when we gave our targets,” said Chief Financial Officer of Ubisoft Alain Martinez.

Selling only 300,000 copies across all platforms things are not looking good for Rayman Legends. Many are chalking the deficit up to the debacle that was the games initial Wii U exclusivity and the delay that followed in order to port the title multi-platform, but there are more factors to consider. The window in which Rayman Legends released was highly competitive with GTA V, FIFA, Madden, and NHL releasing in a similar span.

  • MG7317

    300k across all platforms…. That’s just sad. I was planning on getting it for the Vita but Killzone got priority. Maybe later.

    • Brian Sharon

      Rayman Origins went free on PS+ to promote Legends, but it may of done the opposite. I believe personally it gave players a snack before dinner, leaving them too full to eat the meal.

  • Yuuki

    no suprise in my books. they pissed of somany fans with it i think….

  • Satu Patel

    I must agree with Brian on the snack before the dinner comment. Also what made it difficult is that killzone was highly anticipated with its ads and videos and being out in the same window for the vita as Rayman. So as others have stated. I too picked up kill one not even realizing that Rayman was out.
    I still plan on picking it up, but not anytime soon .