A PlayStation Vita goal is in the cards for the base goal this time – it’s nice not to be a stretch goal once in a while.

Made by the original creators of the ┬áBoogerman game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, this game will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release – by releasing on PlayStation 4, Vita… and some other platforms that are irrelevant ­čśë

According to the Kickstarter site, this is known about the main character;

You are Snotty Ragsdale (aka Boogerman), an eccentric millionaire posing as a mild mannered Janitor working for the globally renowned scientist, Professor Stinkbaum. A catastrophic event will send you into Dimension X-Crement where you will have to use your mega-powered bodily functions to takedown the dreaded Booger Meister and his army of Nose Goblins. You will pick, flick, run, jump, fly, gas, and swim your way through 6 unique worlds. Throughout the game, you will be aided by professor Stinkbaum with brand new gadgets such as the Snot Whip, and the Snot-so-Silent-Butt-Deadly Fart Copter!  

Concept Art;

The game will be based on the original, keeping the same basic setting, story and character style. The graphics will attempt to maintain the tone of the 16-bit classic while bringing new structure, mechanics and levels into contact with HD animation and art. The musical score will be taken care of by composer Grant Kirkhope of Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Donkey Kong 64 fame.

It will be developed around the unity engine, with the estimated release date set for November of next year.

Kickstarter Page

  • Brian Sharon

    I loved the concept of Boogerman as a child, that was until I played it and realized it was an average at best game mechanically. Still the gross-out aesthetic goes a long way. If it hits it’s goals I may just – pick it …up.

  • Lester Paredes

    Why? Who was demanding this? I guess there’s truly an audience for everything.