There is no denying that Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has not reached it’s potential in the West, but in the Japanese and Asian markets the series is a virtual behemoth. Unfortunately while Monster Hunter and the PlayStation brand once had strong ties on the PSP, it seems that the relationship has fallen to the wayside; and with it the enormous fan-base who follow the game.

The shift of the primary titles in the Monster Hunter franchise to the 3DS was a traumatic blow to PlayStation. This has led to a movement in which the Vita has been the platform for many titles clearly inspired by the co-operative gameplay found in the Monster Hunter games. Moreover Sony even appointed an odd mascot of sorts in marketing promotions to galvanize the movement and bring the multitude of varied titles a sense of cohesion.

If this doesn’t convince you to forget about Monster Hunter, what will?

The battle for fans attention has seemingly only heated up because according to reports Sony will have multiple hunting-action titles on display at an upcoming event in Japan.  The event will be held on November 3rd and 4th in the Akihabara district of Tokyo and will feature several titles fitting the genre. Scheduled to appear at the event are games such as Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Gundam Breaker, Dragon’s Crown. and God Eater 2. At the event players will be able to win an assortment of prizes as well as have their first opportunity to get their hands on Soul Sacrifice Delta, along with a preview of a special mission for God Eater 2 and more.

While the online only spin-off Monster Hunter G is still in the cards for the PlayStation Vita, the writing is clearly on the wall; and the true hunt is for the mindshare of fans.



  • WhyWai

    while myself not a big fan of this genre, hope one of these game can be as popular as Monster Hunter on PSP. PsVita needs more love.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    GOD NO!!!!!

  • Lester Paredes

    I can’t wait for God Eater 2, Toukiden, and Soul Sacrifice Delta. They look pretty darn awesome.