Japanese developer Acquire are on the verge of releasing the latest title in the  demon-stripping franchise Akiba’s Trip, but before they deliver the goods on Akiba’s Trip 2 they’re giving the public a look at some of the games cast of characters; including a Finnish Japanophile.


Kati Raikkonen 
– voiced by Haruka Yamazaki

  • A young Japanese transfer student from Finland who is an intense fan of anime, JRPG’s and Japanese culture as a whole.
  • She works part-time at the “Mogura”(Mole) bar which doubles as the protagonist’s secret hideout.
  • Believes the protagonist is good and wants to help him save Akihabara.






Sugiyama Kihachi – 
voiced by Toshitsugu Takashina


  • Owner of  “Mogura”(Mole) Bar which is dedicated to retro games that the Akihabara Vigilance Committee frequent.
  • Lover of retro games like “Mole” and “Three gosh”.
  • Goes by the Nickname “Gramps”.
  • Grew up with the protagonist and his childhood friend Touko and thus knows quite a bit of info about the pair.






Kaito Tachibana
 – voiced by Daiki Yamashita

  • The first of the twin Tachibana Twins.
  • A member of the Akihabara Vigilance Committee.
  • A long-time friend of the protagonist, and remains so even after joining the  Magaimono organization.
  • Finds that the Magaimono are making it difficult to maintain his “otaku” style and thus wants to over throw them to get back to the way of life he loves.










Yuudo Tachibana – voiced by Junichi Yanagita


  • The Second of the Tachibana Twins.
  • A member of the Akihabara Vigilance Committee.
  • Is unlike his brother Katito, who sees things much like the protagonist.
  • Looks at situations objectively and deals with facts.
  • Is supportive, caring, and outgoing overall.






To get a better look at some of the Kati in motion, check out the her character trailer provided by Acquire:


Akiba’s Trip 2 is set for release for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on November 7 in Japan.