Bugs and JRPGs have gone hand in hand for years now, they are like peanut butter or resident Editor Kyle Wakeling and Killzone. The problem is that while in most JRPG’s you battle giant bugs, more often than not players of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash have experienced them during gameplay. While efforts have been made since the games launch on September 26th in Japan to improve load times, it seems like numerous bugs still plague the game including spelling and grammatical errors.

Fear not though because Japanese developers Falcom are putting on their exterminator suit once more and planning a bug exterminating patch. The patch will reportedly address more than just the various bugs that have played the game since its release. Probably the most notable addition is the ability to fast-forward gameplay by holding the X button on the controller.

While patches such as these are common on consoles and PC, it is good to see Falcom attempting to squash the issue across both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.