Fans of eating immortal deities rejoice as Japanese developers Namco Bandai have served up a cornucopia of delicious new screenshots, characters and even a trailer for you to digest. God Eater 2 launches on November 14th in Japan on both PlayStation Portable and Playstation Vita, so it’s the perfect time to start talking about a couple of the characters you will find in the upcoming title.

Let’s begin by introducing the red headed and lovely Dr. Rare (Rare Claudius).  She plays an important role as she holds the rather important  position of Chief Development Officer of  Freyr, the research division of Fenrir.

Additionally we are introduced to a physically disabled scientist who might just be the smartest in her field, Rachel Claudius. She serves at Rare’s side and has been known to be act in a soft and motherly fashion towards the Blood Special Forces.

As mentioned in the intro it’s not all meet and greet with the games cast, the enemies also pay a visit in this update. Fans of God Eater Burst on PSP may remember the monsters known as Gboro-Gboro, but in God Eater 2 players will be face a subspecies of the enemies named Cabala Cabala.

Lastly a trailer was included, and unlike the last trailer which focused on fan favorite Alisa, this one is action packed.  Everything from the game world, combat, multiplayer and more are shown off; so this really is a must see for fans of the series. If PlayStation truly are intent on taking over the hunting-action genre  that was made famous by Monster Hunter, this looks to be a step in the right direction.

Check it out for yourself below:


  • Lester Paredes

    Western release date, please, Namco/Bandai!

    • Yuuki

      of course they will release the mh killer in the west xD

      • Kyle Wakeling

        True enough, God Eater Burst was release in the West. =)