The new Vita was only released last week in Japan and instantly made an impact with over 60,000 units sold in just a week despite the competition from Pokémon and the removal of the OLED screen, so if you were wondering whether we would be getting a release in Europe or North America we may be in luck.

Eagle eyed Twitter user Brian Stephan got in touch with us and told us to search for PCH-2000 in the manuals section on the PlayStation website, and being the submissive types we did just that. What we found was a redirect to an English Language section of the Vita manual on the Japanese site. Explaining the basics, charging and all of the part names it seems to be a pretty good indicator of this coming to English speaking regions.

Could this be suggesting not only a western release, but a pretty rapid one? Or is this just for the benefit of English speaking customers in Asian regions?

Let us know what you think.

  • Michael Rogers

    The clearance sales of the 3G Model that seem to be going on at the moment (£130 at Shopto or £140 at Argos with Killzone, Virtua Tennis and a Memory Card) certainly make it look like “old” OLED stock is being shifted out of the way.

  • Brian Sharon

    What a find, way yo go Paul!

  • PS Vita Roundup

    Still thinking it’ll be a second anniversary release next Feb, but the speedy price cuts for the 3G models do seem to be suggest Sony is trying to get stores to clear stock. However, if the Vita’s sales have been that dismal here, why would stores bother with the new one? Especially with few new ‘big’ games coming out