A domain registration by Namco Bandai Games hints at localization of this popular Japanese title.

According to SaiyanIsland.com, there’s some evidence that J-Stars Victory VS will be making its way to the rest of the world;

On September 30th of this year, Namco Bandai Europe registered the web domain “Awakened-Legends-Vs.com.” It might just be wishful thinking on our part here at Saiyan Island, but it sounds like it could be a localized version of J-Stars Victory VS.

In J-Stars Victory VS, there are elements called the “victory burst and victory meter.” We can see them easily renamed to “awakening burst” and “awakening gauge” for an English release. The “J-Stars” aspect of the title could correlate to “Legends” since many of the heroes featured in the game are immortalized icons, at least in our opinion. The “VS” aspects of the titles is obvious.

A bit of good news for those looking to kick some ass with Goku or Gon, let’s hope this wishful thinking is more truth than rumor.




  • Lester Paredes

    That would be cool. Any reason to be able to play as Vegeta.