An image was released this morning that is sure to have fans sent beyond their normal excitement level, in fact one might say after reading this that “it’s more than 9000”. You may remember reading on TVL that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has a Japanese release date of January 23 2014, but what would the box art look like? If you lost sleep at night wondering just that, sleep tight because you can find below;


January 23rd is a relatively close date which will please the throngs of Dragon Ball Z fans that have followed Battle For Z’s development closely, but if box art wasn’t enough to tease you; maybe a new trailer could do the trick? The trailer shows off the strong multiplayer components that Namco Bandai are pushing to the forefront in Battle of Z. Four players are visible in the video playing the newest title in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, proving even further that this is to be a social endeavor for the series. While the game is only confirmed for European markets, this is a game that is sure have an large international audience so keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for further info.

Check out the trailer below.




  • Lester Paredes

    The announcer sure is excited.