It has only been a few months since my last congratulatory post which was in celebration of our first anniversary and now it gives me great pleasure to rejoice in our one thousandth post on the website.

My primary motivation for founding The Vita Lounge was to help other Vita fans to find Vita news. I was dumbfounded at the lack of published news on the main stream websites. Of course, even then the system was struggling somewhat but this was hardly helped by a lack of coverage and so the journey began. 16 months later we find ourselves at 1000 posts – of which 150 are reviews. This only strengthens to me that the IS Vita news and content, struggling to get out there to audiences and we bring you the bulk of it. with a large portion of our news now coming direct from the source our quest to bring you all the Vita will only get better as we build relationships with Vita game publishers and developers.

Whether you are a long time visitor to the site or you have just recently found us, I thank you for your support. You are the reason we do this, to let you know what is coming. We hope that on our way to our second birthday and 2000th post our relationships with the developers and publishers continues to grow and helps us to improve our content further.

To the developers and publishers, I thank you for all of your help. The press releases, screens, review codes and invitations to play the games in person are what give us our backbone. We would not have been anywhere near as successful without your support and I hope that we can continue to cover your games and spread your news. There is a large Vita following and they are eager to hear what is coming, and we are showing that we are the biggest and most consistent with this. Nobody is covering the PlayStation Vita as much as we are.

Finally I wish to thank my team – past and present – as I cannot do this without them. The individuals that have contributed to the site are all far more articulate and can write to a better standard than I can, they are the site. It’s is a collective effort, but every single one of you have made this journey possible. I have a few thoughts from them after this piece, but before I get to that I have an announcement for the site – we will very soon be launching our own Podcast. It seems fitting to us that a site dedicated to the Vita should also create a podcast for fans. With the amount of news that we are now covering, sometimes there is not enough time to look at it all – especially with the inconsistency with the domain – so having the bulk of the news and reviews condensed into a convenient and friendly discussion you can listen to at your leisure seems like a logical next step. Our first episode will launch on Friday this week, I hope you enjoy it as the team have been working very hard with it! If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback then feel free to send them to We have also set up a new RRS feed if you want to keep up to date with Vita news in a more condensed format, which can be found here.

Thanks again for all of your support. It really means a lot to us and as we continue to grow we will look at ways to improve not only our coverage and content, but also the perception that many have towards the Vita. Here’s to the next 1000 posts!

Here are a few thoughts from some of the team.

Kyle Wakeling (Joined February 2013, Editor-at-large): It’s been quite the ride to a thousand posts for me, the last (almost) ten months have been filled with a multitude of Vita information and fun. We’ve gone through eight reviews, hundreds of news posts and lots of comments and forum posts together as we’ve grown – you guys (the readers) being my motivation and audience at the same time. I love reading the comments on articles I post and giving you guys inside information over Twitter; I love starting debates on the forums and reading your Vita tweets… it’s really all about our audience and you guys are a great one, getting better every day.

As for the staff here at The Vita Lounge, they’ve been amazing to me; making me feel right at home and like a part of something important. Paul recruited me in February and we’ve been working together to bring you all the greatest since almost the first moment we spoke – he’s a great leader and I value everything he does for us staff. The rest of the guys are great too; we’ve had many a long conversation in the staff room, talking about anything from random game memories and past experiences to what great new article or service we’re looking to bring. We’ve even gamed together, a few of us jumping into party matches for Killzone Mercenary or Soul Sacrifice and getting it done TVL style – Tyler and I even recording and streaming a few on and Youtube. These guys are my gaming family and I appreciate them more every single day.

As we continue to grow into 2014 we hope to bring you even more content – our ever-growing relationships with developers, other Vita sites and each other bolstering our ability to get you guys all the information as it happens. We hope if you’re reading this you’ll continue to support us – ’cause it really is about bringing everyone together, and we really couldn’t do that without you guys.

Stay classy, Vitabros.

Jon Harding-Rathbone (Joined December 2012): I stumbled across The Vita Lounge while looking for a Vita review of WRC 3. The lack of any website giving serious attention to what, in my opinion, is the greatest handheld console ever created I found both frustrating and disappointing, and with such an addiction to gaming in general I volunteered to cover a couple of games that The Vita Lounge hadn’t reviewed.

I’ve always had a passion for games and when I was little I wanted to work for Studio Liverpool, though my dreams of this got lost somewhere down the line into my teens as I veered more towards working in the care industry. Fast track to adulthood and I’m so hooked on obsessively reading about games I thought it qould be both fun and exciting to try my hand at getting back into the industry through way of writing. And it is! I’m so pleased our website continues to grow from strength to strength with our fantastic team of editors and contributors, and of course I have to thank Paul personally for allowing this all to happen.

I know that the Vita is going to succeed and I also know that we are the best Vita website out there. I’m really excited in the evolution of The Vita Lounge and know that we are becoming the go-to place for Vita owners and followers so thanks to each and every one of you who read our site. Long may it continue!

Yuuki (joined December 2012): The 1000th post already?! I can’t really believe it. It feels like yesterday that I joined the team even though I sit a total of 87 posts  nearly a year later. At first I just wanted to write the news here, I didn’t even think about reviewing anything on here, to blame is my at best mediocre English. But somehow i ended up reviewing none the less, still don’t really know why i agreed/wanted it back in the day. Well that is the past, let us look in the future, so that we may will reach 10,000 posts someday in the future. Didn’t I already said that I suck on writing short paragraphs? Haha!

But well now to the thanks, first I want to thank the people who if we were without the The Vita Lounge wouldn’t exist. Thank you! Yes you(bold) the reader of this post. Without your support The Vita Lounge would be dead, but with your valuable attention we not only live, but thrive. So thank you so much for being here.

Now onto the team in no particular order. I want to thank Kyle for proofreading my raw drafts, and making me a better writer. I still don’t know how he can put up with some of my writing. A massive thanks to Paul Murphy for creating this site. Jonathan, thank you for being the good soul of the site A big thanks to Tyler you for being a JRPG nerd just like me haha. A pat on the back for Brian, while he is the newest addition to the site he is among the most active writers on the site. Last but not least I’d like to thank Dan, who is the silent behind the scenes guy that not many of you see. To 1000 more !

Tyler Olthoff (Joined May 2013): After being on The Vita Lounge for just a few months, seeing all the support you the readers give us makes everything we do everyday worth it. I came into this knowing little about writing reviews or posting news stories. The fact that everyone including the staff seem to enjoy what I write makes all of this worth it. Thank you everyone for the continued support especially during the unfortunate period when we were down. We’ve come back fighting, and it’s honestly because of all of you the readers! Keep being awesome and we will try as well. Once again thank you so much everyone.

Brian Sharon (Joined September 2013): One thousand posts is nothing short of amazing, and I’m so happy for, and proud of every single staff member here at The Vita Lounge. As many of you know I’ve only been here for a short while, and yet the entire crew at TVL feel like family. When I use the term family, I mean it. Just like family members we go through ups and downs, but without one another none of this would have been possible. I’m constantly reminded of the amount of incredible stockpiled on this site, and I am always humbled to be situated among them. 

However without fantastic readers these words would be all for naught, as without you none of this would be possible. You are what drove Editor Kyle Wakeling to stay up all hours of the night covering Tokyo Games Show, you were the driving force behind TVL’s Founder & Creator Paul Sharp to covering Eurogamer Expo 2013 live; and you motivate every one of us to deliver the best content possible on a daily basis because you are the source of our passion. 

I want to personally thank the entire team at The Vita Lounge for allowing to stand beside them on this platform that we are unbelievably fortunate to have, and I want to thank you the readers for  giving it to us. See you at the next thousand.

Jasper Bekema (Joined September 2012): I’ve been a member of the Vita Lounge for quite a long time now and it’s been amazing to see how the site has grown.I feel that this site is truly the number one hub for the Vita enthusiast. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without  an amazing team of active (and occasionally active) contributors, developers, publishers and other games industry insiders. And, of course, not without our readers. Interaction and feedback via comments on the site and social media is of increasing importance. The podcast will be another method of interacting with our audience and I’m happy that we’re finally going to be able to work this idea out.

My personal motivation for joining the Vita Lounge was because of my interest in both journalism and video gaming. From the get-go, I noticed Paul’s dedication and his striving for professionalism, which I have always found important. Even though I am not able to contribute a lot, currently, the Vita Lounge is important to me because I have fond memories of it and there is always some Vita news to read.

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  • Barry Newton

    Good to see this site getting better and stronger!! And well done

  • Pata

    Congrats on the milestone!

  • Lester Paredes

    Congratulations on the milestone, I hope you guys and gals stay around for a looooong time. I found this site quite by accident due to a Google search and have come back on an almost daily basis to read the news on my favorite gaming system. Keep up the great work!

    • nonscpo

      Lol, guess that was the best google search error ever huh!

  • Devin Hudson

    Congrats to the best Vita-focused site on the web! When I first got my Vita I fell in love with it pretty hardcore, and when I started coming here I could tell you guys felt the same way about the system. It definitely takes a lot of passion to feature this much coverage about one system, but I can tell that you guys have that when it comes to Vita.

    Great job everyone, and I wish you all continued success as you continue to grow!

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Thanks Devin, well said!