Acquire have just released a brand new Trailer for Akiba’s Trip 2.

This time around they are covering some of the areas you can visit and a new costume too; a bear one.


Furthermore Acquire have released a few new screenshots and more information on what you can do outside the story.

So, for example, you can grab a plate of curry at “Go! Go! Curry” or do what seemingly all Japanese teens do in their free time: go singing on a karaoke box in Adores.

You can also visit an electronics store “Tsukumo” and  buy a new laptop.

And if this isnt enough you can try to catch an idol performance at Dear Stage.

akiba208_thumb1All in all, Akiba’s Trip 2 has over 130 locations to visit and that number includes all the things you can imagine that are connected to Akiba.

From maid cafes, to beef bowl shops like “Sutadonya”.

Somewhat sadly, Acquire couldn’t get every shop and company to agree, and that’s why “Noguchiya”, a parody of “Yoshinoya” that served grilled eel bowls features instead.

Akiba’s Trip 2 is slated for release on November 7th for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

As of now there isnt a western release date (sadly).

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  • Lester Paredes

    It sounds interesting. But with the main mechanic of stripping your opponent of their clothes so that their vampire selves can get destroyed by the sun doesn’t make it sound like it will come to America. It makes me sad too. Graphic violence? That’s okay. Slight nudity? Would someone please think of the children!