A Sony Entertainment Network listing makes us think “yes”.

Released on iOS early last year by Housemarque (known primarily for the Super Stardust series), Furmins is a puzzle game in hich you must herd a group of Furmin from one location to the other using various physics based techniques. The game involves a “set-up” phase in which you interact with the environment (nobody moving), as well as a “physics on” mode where the Furmin mindlessly move about and you must act in real time to help them to the end of the level.

In your quest to guide the Furmin over eight worlds with thirty-six levels each, using bumpers, conveyor belts, rotating gadgets, melting ice, ropes and regulators (a vacuum cleaner type device combined with a cannon) to direct them in a chain-reaction towards the finish – their little brains unable to use such things on their own.

An interesting idea, and a successful iOS game – this title has shown up on the Sony Entertainment Network website, citing a release date of yesterday (somehow), though not including a purchase option or platform. Luckily, we already knew it was┬ácoming to Vita┬áso it’s no surprise what that platform list would consist of.

Is this a mistake, or an accidental posting? Stay tuned and we’ll update you – we’ve just asked the developer for a comment.

Update: Housemarque have indicated on Twitter that it must be an issue, as the game is yet to have a solid release date but will be releasing in “a matter of days”.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Edit. Misread