According to Eurogamer, A-Men 2 is scheduled to hit the PSN on the 5th in North America and the 6th in Europe.

Made by Bloober Team, this sequel to a launch title is due to hit PS3 and Vita the first week of November – touting forty-four stages across four all-new worlds.

Check out the teaser;



  • Buckybuckster

    Didn’t the first game release a mere 2 months ago? That would have to set the record for the shortest time between a games’s release and sequel ever. If not its pretty close.

    Wonder if NA PSN will ever correct it’s mistake of putting the full A Men game under the Demo catagory instead of the actual free demo, which is listed with the regular Vita games?

    Many like myself thought they were charging $10 for the demo and who would want to do that? Most likely prevented people from giving the game a try.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      It did release only recently in North America, but was a launch title in Japan. 😉

      I noticed and reported that store error as well… they still haven’t fixed it.