June was over four months ago, but it feels just like yesterday. The sun was shining, the weather hit that sweet spot that is just right, and both Dead Nation and God of War Collection were announced for PlayStation Vita. However as mentioned at the start that was four months ago and we’ve heard nothing about either title for quite some time, which has lead to a growing distrust as to whether the pair would see the light of day; until just recently.

The increasing lack of faith led one Jose Carnicero(@Carnicero_78) take to twitter to seek answers, and that is exactly what he received courtesy of  President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida(@Yosp). Frustrated Carnicero wanted to know the status of both these titles,  to which Shuhei replied with a simple confirmation of “in development”.

Certainly the short answer won’t be enough to appease fans for too long, but it is settling to know that both projects have not been completely abandoned.  We will be keeping a close eye on both titles and as information develops you will find it here on TVL.

Are you still interested in Dead Nation and God of War Collection, or has the information black out curbed your enthusiasm?

Let us know in the comments.


  • El Casual

    I really wait GoW HDC for Vita. I think Armature is the right choice for the port, MGS HDC was really good and Injustice look and run well on Vita. They say that will be a new project for Xmas. If is not GoWHDC, maybe the rumored Infamous????

    • Brian Sharon

      I’d like to see Sanzaru Games get the nod when it comes to Infamous personally. They did a solid job of bringing a brand new Sly Cooper adventure to Vita and they deserve another shot.

  • El Casual

    BTW congrats for the podcast.

    • Brian Sharon

      Thank you so much!

  • Lester Paredes

    I’m more interested in Dead Nation. I’ve played the GoW games too many times. Ps2, the first GoW Collection, then the Saga… I don’t think I’ll be buying a fourth time. Unless they manage to get all the GoW’s on the system. Chains, 1, Ghost, 2, 3? Yeah, I’ll buy that. I doubt they’ll be able to pull off 3, but I’ll be there if they do.

  • Mr. X

    Who’s developing GoW for Vita? The last thing we need is another Jak and Daxter disaster.

    • Brian Sharon

      To be quite honest we’re not sure.