Get your nostalgia glasses on folks because it’s been announced that should Kickstarter project Boogerman 20th Anniversary meet it’s goal, Earthworm Jim would crawl his way back into the public’s eye via an exclusive co-op mode. The addition of everyone’s favorite space worm does come with a rather large asterisk as the content will be available to those who pledge above the $40 tier, though it does come with at-shirt featuring the protagonists.

Relatively speaking Earth Worm Jim was a gaming culture rock star in the 1990’s, being featured in not only a series of hit games but also his very own cartoon(which as one of the most memorable intro themes ever). Furthermore with all respect to Boogerman, of the era Earthworm Jim was by far the bigger star of the two and info about  new original content based on the hero is sure to attract some extra attention to the project.



  • Lester Paredes

    I don’t think there are many people who saw this and went: AWESOME! Booger Man! Seriously, the game wasn’t all that good.