Canadian developers Touch Tilt Games are looking to bring their ambitious, yet family friendly Tiny Diggers 2 to a plethora of devices, including the PlayStation Vita via crowdfunding giant Kickstarter.  The sequel to an iOS game of the same name, Tiny Diggers 2 drops players in  open world setting where they will explore the environment in a third person perspective while working, and managing all aspects of construction development.  The scope is rather impressive for a game meant for all ages, especially considering the numerous hand tools and vehicles that players are able to utilize to complete projects. Furthermore players will begin in the role of a simple worker and as they progress they will reach the title of foreman; overseeing an entire development.


Though the title may seem complicated in design, the truth is that Touch Tilt Games are infact looking to everyone in the action, from ages three and up. The game will presented in multiple tiers that will adjust gameplay based upon the players age and/or skill level, allowing for an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. Moreover the game has an art style that is both bright and colorful, much in the vein of many modern computer-animated children’s shows. By offering up universally enjoyable gameplay Touchtilt are looking to fill a rather large void in the industry; games that are for children and parents.

This is a huge step forward for the Halifax based developers despite being a numerical sequel. In comparison to Tiny Diggers 2, the original seems primitive in nature, and in terms of design there is no question that the sequel is a massive step forward.

Should Tiny Diggers 2’s Kickstarter campaign reach it goal of $98,000, it would carry with it an expected launch date of November 2014 on PlayStation hardware. Click here for the Official Kickstarter Page

Before you do take a peek at early footage of the construction madness in the Developer Diary below:

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    It looks very cute.