Developer Milestone have announced that they’ve released their second patch for MotoGP 13. The patch comes with an assortment of changes across all platforms, but also features an exclusive fix for PlayStation Vita owners. Many players have experienced a bug in MotoGP 2013 on PS Vita that saw only the racers appear on the track; a bug that has now been addressed in the update.

Here is a full list of what to expect from the patch via the patch’s changelog:

  • When selecting custom rider, the race number of the bike in the pits has now the same color of the main bike
  • After playing an online race, in the Race Results screen, physics settings of the previous race are properly displayed
  •  The stat “Career pole positions” in MyGP statistics is now working properly
  •  Online modes performances have been improved
  •  The opponent of the last race can’t be changed anymore from the post race menu
  •  When technical problems are set to ON, adversaries behavior is now much more realistic
  •  When performing a 100% length race, the lap and position counter is now working properly even when using Rewind after completing about 75% of the laps
  •  Minor save games issues have now been fixed
  •  When playing a full weekend race, on wet condition only soft tyres were available. Now the behavior is correct.
  •  During online races, the sound of the semaphore on the grid, can be now heard properly.
  •  General stability of the game has been improved
  •  Fix the bug that something occurred with only the player is on track (Only PSVITA)
  •  Fix on suspensions damages, this bug created the “bike underground” effect
  •  Fix on Pc resolutions (Only PC)
  •  Other minor issues
  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Awesome. The rewind not working on full races was the big issue for me.