The last time you heard from TVL regarding Ragnarok Odyssey ACE was way back during E3 2013 when resident Editor Kyle Wakeling walked you through some basic information about the game; including the fact that there were no official plans for a release outside of Japan. All that changed today when Ryan Graff from XSEED took to the Official PlayStation Blog to update fans on some of the more vague aspects of the title; including it’s future in international markets.

According to Mr.Graff Ragnarok Odyssey Ace will be released next year in North America on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The pair will each run for $39.99 respectably, however as a “thank you” to returning fans on PS Vita a bonus soundtrack sporting 25 tracks.

Take a look at Ragnarok Odyssey ACE’s PlayStation Vita box art and bonus soundtrack below:


  • Devin Hudson

    I’m definitely going to pick this one up. I was actually close to picking up the original right when this one was announced, so that was pretty much perfect timing. I don’t mind the wait, but I do wish we had a more specific date so I can plan for it accordingly.

  • Lester Paredes

    Pretty. I hope they updated it with more than just cross-play (though, that is pretty awesome). Especially since I bought the original when it first came out.