When Tell Tale Games announced The Wolf Among Us, there was absolutely no dialogue about the future of the title on portable devices as a whole. never mind PlayStation Vita. So even as the developer (finally) released The Walking  Dead: The Complete First Season on PlayStation Vita, fans held little hope for the future of The Wolf Among Us finding its way over. However  today Tell Tale games announced just that. After being released for just under two weeks The Wolf Among us has been officially announced as coming to PlayStation Vita as well as iOS.

The Wolf Among us is based upon Bill Willingham’s long running Fables series, in which characters from fairy tales and folk legends find themselves co-existing among the masses real world New York City.

No specifics have been addressed in terms of a release date, deciding instead to go with the classic line of “coming soon”, but you can expect to see it sometime this fall.  I think we can all agree though that soon is better than never.

Here is the “Accolades” trailer for The Wolf Among Us:

  • Yes! 😀

    • Brian Sharon


    • Brian Sharon


      • Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! etc

  • Yes!

  • So glad this has been announced, was totally holding out on the PS3 version in the hope this would be announced

  • Kyle Wakeling

    I’m so excited for this…

  • Lester Paredes

    Soon? Soon is good.