Famitsu just previewed the upcoming PSVita/PS3 game Deception IV: Blood Ties, giving us a ton of new information for the fans – including myself.

Story (by Gematsu)

In the days of old, there was a demon who ruled the world with fear. However, humanity joined together behind his back and revolted against him. Before long, 12 saints with the power gifted from heaven appeared, and at last the demon was sealed away. The book containing the sealing curse was called “Sacred Words” (Seigon). Fearing it’s abuse, the 12 saints divided it among themselves and hid away the pieces. Additionally, the saints erased themselves from the record of history, and Sacred Words was handed down behind closed doors along with fake anecdotes.

That was 3000 years ago. The demon has finally found the whereabouts of the descendants of the saints who hold the pieces of Sacred Words, the keys to breaking the seal. In order to recover the pieces of Sacred Words, the demon sends his “daughter” to the human world. She is a physical manifestation that shares the minds of himself and the three mediums of Splendor, of Cruelty, and of Disgrace. He aims to free himself and to crack down on the corrupt humanity that sealed him.

Now on to the characters;

Deception Characters

Regrina goes to the human world with her three mediums in order to collect parts of Sacred Words to unlock the seal that the saints placed on her father. Despite her sexy appearance she is pretty indifferent towards other people – rarely showing any emotions.

Each of the three mediums allow her to summon different kinds of traps, since each based on incarnations of the summoners soul; splendor, cruelty, and disgrace.

Kaeria; Medium of Splendor – Accomplishing goals is most important to her, but in order to make the demon’s greatness known, she prefers to do it in a manner that has brilliant results. Her loyalty and conviction in the mission doesn’t waver. She demands optimal action and doesn’t mind making sacrifices in order to always achieve goals.

Verza; Medium of Cruelty – This is the notion that loves punishing humans, taking pleasure and joy out of the pain and suffering of others. She focuses on the traps that inflict the most pain and damage.

Lilia; Medium of Disgrace – She has the mischievous heart of a child, but she gets a big laugh out of seeing humans in embarrassing situations. She has a naivete about her and a positive personality. She always acts according to the rules.

Famitsu also introduced two stages of the game.

Proschlein Castle “Chapel”


This area is basically a solemn chapel. The soft light that pours down from a high window almost makes it seem serene and like a save haven for lost sheep…. until you’re actually there.

Proschlein Castle “Garden of the Warrior”


Once it was a normal courtyard, but now it’s a place with many weapons against possible intruders.

There is also a new trap in the game – the so called “Wizard gear


Sadly there isn’t much known about it, but it looks like a train so maybe it’s made to drive over enemies?

There’s also some game-play video and a trailer for you to watch;

So what do you think, does it look like a game you’d play?


  • Lester Paredes

    I’ll play it. It looks like they’ve added much needed tweaks to the way the game playes. Also, it seems with each passing entry, the main character wears less and less clothing, though the outfit manages to look more and more outlandish. lol. Recently, Game Informer did a let’s play of the PS2 incarnation: Trapt. Stupidity ensued. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2013/08/04/super-replay-trapt.aspx