SCEJA have been preparing for a world-wide beta release for Destiny of Spirits for quite some time, at one point even hinting at the inclusion of some key figures from  PlayStation’s catalog making appearance. Today all the hinting came to a halt as the release of beta codes for the game has started to roll out to the masses, but not quite all of them.

The beta has been made available as of right now for PlayStation Plus subscribers only and there is no official confirmation as to when the beta will be available to the remainder of PlayStation users. Additionally beta codes sent out expire on October 31st, and the beta itself requires 558 MB of available disk space.

Did you get in on the beta? Let us know in the comments.

  • Kyle Wakeling

    Funny, I’m a member of PlayStation Plus yet I didn’t get an email. Sony must hate me for loving the Vita so much, guys. Haha

    (PS; thanks to @PSPersuasion on Twitter I got one anyways)

  • Lester Paredes

    I didn’t get one. but, I don’t think I want to play this game. It looks boring. Tell me what you think, beta players!

  • Downloading now 😀 see how this goes…

  • brawlbull

    I got in on the beta and I’m glad too. I was interested in this game ever since they posted a sneak peak on Playstation Blog (believe I was playing Toro’s Friend Network at the time). This game is addictive. I played whenever I could but I still wasn’t ranked that high lol. You could tell some people was playin like there’s was no tomorrow, in this case there wasn’t after Oct 31st. It’s a mix of Shin Magami Tensei, Pokemon, and Toro’s Friend Network, sounds like a recipe for crack like addiction to me. Don’t expect an epic plot tho and there are no “Main” characters to follow, just your group of spirits. Also if you have a wonky internet connection (guilty) free to play games can be annoying in general with their constant need to check in.

  • Heavenly Daughter

    I downloaded the Beta from 27th. Fascinating game and a little addictive. I had couple of minor issues with the game but to be expected with a beta. First error I came across was paying a friend to help in a battle and you loose a connection. “A” you loose you money and “B” you loose the battle so you need to start from scratch in some cases. Secondly the lack of the gold orbs to do battles with I think these are lacking a little. A few more of these would be a big help as I only had these issued to me on 3 days out of 5 that I owned it. A little frustrating that I felt restricted to how much I could play, On the other hand I was inundated with the silver orbs.

    An interesting side to this game is the co-operative help in fighting the random bosses that appear from time to time, nice touch being able to add to the mega bosses in this way. Makes me feel like I did my bit lol.

    All in all I liked the game, certainly a game I would get for my Vita. I know this won’t be available this year so if anyone knows the expected release time. 🙂