Hot on the heels of his GameCity Prize nomination for Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell took to the long gallery of Nottingham Castle to reveal both the story of his upcoming title Volume.

Though Bithell had been mysterious about the project’s plot early on, he had made it quite clear that he drew much of the influence from pieces of art he enjoyed as a child; so it is fitting that Volume is in fact an adaptation of the classic Robin Hood tale.

The game tells the tale of Robert Locksley, a small time miscreant and thief who stumbles upon a futuristic simulator which is used to train a violent and ongoing military coup. Utilizing what little time he has left, Robert puts develops a plan to transmit simulations of robbery against the richest of England’s Citizens; and as Mike puts it “become the world’s first crime let’s player“.

The charming antihero plans to turn his fortunate accident into an opportunity to save his troubled country, and become something he never expected; a hero. During his ambitious adventure Robert’s infamy will cause him to draw the attention of many potential allies, as well as the architect of the revolution; named Gisborne.


Two of the game’s stars were also announced by Bithell. The first being Charlie McDonnell, who stars as Robert himself. Charlie is the internet sensation and the creative mind who you may know from YouTube and Charlieissocoollike.

Additionally BAFTA winner Danny Wallace has joined the project as well, working once again with Bithell after previously narrating Thomas Was Alone. He is cast in the role of an affable AI who happens to support Robert during his mission and also have a slight obsession with weaponry.

Volume is set to debut on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. For more information check out the Official Website.

Check out the Character Announcement Trailer below:

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks to be one of the first indie must haves of 2014. The storyline is quite interesting. Hope it has the gameplay to match.