In just under a month the incredibly imaginative Tearaway will be bestowed upon the masses, but I know what you’re thinking; ” it just can’t come soon enough!”. You’re not wrong, not a single bit. What makes it worse is that our resident Editor even got his hands on Tearaway and posted a preview on it and claimed that ” we could be getting another Game of the Year contender“.

Thankfully the masters of imagination over at Media Molecule have provided us with a terrific new trailer to tide the rest us over.The only problem? You may want Tearaway even more!

Don’t believe us? I dare you to watch the trailer and tell me that you don’t wish that Tearaway’s November 22nd release date wasn’t today.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I just want that liuttle gem in my bear hands!!!!

  • Lester Paredes

    Can’t wait for this game.

  • Buckybuckster

    Well Brian, if it had released today I would miss out (a.k.a. NO FUNDS!!) and I don’t want to, you know, miss out. So the Nov. date is just about right for me. man there are ALOT of Vita games I don’t want to miss out on this holiday season! Don’t know how I will be able to afford them all.
    Makes me wish we could go back to the “Vita has no games” days (and yes, I am being sarcastic!).

    • Brian Sharon

      Bucky, what is good for the heart so,etimes hurts the wallet. For. What it’s worth I feel your pain!