In celebration of Tearaway’s impending release the friendly folks at Media Molecule posed a challenge to LittleBigPlanet users to create levels inspired by the paper-craft inspired game. ¬†Yesterday the developers chose their winners, and today they’ve followed that up by posting a video which features the the runners-up as well as the European champion.

It’s always astounding how dedicated and talented the LBP community is, and this trailer proves just that. Moreover if you ever needed a reminder of how dedicated fans of Media Molecule are; search no furthe; this stunning video will definitely do the tirck.


  • Lester Paredes

    Wow. The creativity of these people… I’m far to lazy to do anything like that. lol

    • Brian Sharon

      I love LBP and Media Molecule, but I just don’t have the skills to be a level designer; no matter how accessible they may be. This is why I am in awe of some of the creations the community manages to conjure.

  • aros

    I was impressed with some of the levels I played in this competition. I’m hoping we will get a new MM game next year. Maybe a new LBP game based around a different genre than we have seen so far?