In an interview with Siliconera, Tales series producer Hideo Baba revealed that the team is not able to localize every title in the franchise due to a short staff.

Because the number of development members we have on staff is very limited, it’s not possible to localize every single Tales title.” Hideo Baba said when questioned specifically about the fate of  Japanese PlayStation Vita titles in the series coming West. “So we have to pick and choose when deciding which parts of the Tales series we would like to bring out to the rest of the world outside Japan.” he concluded.

In addition the producer also stated  that localization “flagship titles” such as Tales of Xillia is priority number one, and all that all other project including localization come after.


  • Kyle Wakeling

    Excuses, excuses; hire more staff and give us what we want. It’s not like they won’t sell like hotcakes when you localize them, it’s the most requested set of JRPG titles outside Japan.

    • Brian Sharon

      Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. One might argue that the games are requested with so much vigor because of the quality of titles, which are created in part by a talented small team who have incredible chemistry. Perhaps the addition of extra bodies would upset this balance, even if it were just for localization.

      Again, just playing devil’s advocate.

    • Yuuki

      well it would be a start if they would allow outsiders to localize them.

      • Brian Sharon

        Personally I have no vested interest in the subject. However maybe they are quite particular about the wording in the localization, which lends to a quality in the stories.

        Plus lets not forget, items are made readily available they lose some of their forbidden luster.

        • Yuuki

          xseed asked a few times if remember right, so quality shouldnt be a problem.

    • Buckybuckster

      Well at least it’s a new excuse rather than the standard “the Vita isn’t doing well in the west” shizznit Namco has given us in the past when questioned on the subject.

      I just wish they weren’t so anal about going the 3rd party route. It’s much like Yuuki says. Even Atlus has offered to bring over the numerous Tales games Bamco have no plan to westernize, but for some reason they refuse to play ball.